4 Industries That Are Always Hiring

Most people would agree that today’s job market is the best it has been in the years following the Great Recession. The unemployment rate is less than 4 percent, and jobs are still being added each month. Individuals in need of a job should note that some industries are hiring at a pace much higher than others.


The healthcare industry has been a reliable source of employment for many years now. Many of the jobs, including doctors, nurses, and many others, offer salaries that compare favorably to other fields. The fastest growing job in the industry is the health aid worker, which is a job that can be obtained with minimal training.

Despite the fact that health aid workers do not make a lot of money, there are many jobs in the healthcare industry that pay well without advanced degrees. One example of this point is the X-ray technician who can earn as much as $60,000 with an associate degree.

Temp Workers

The rise of temp jobs is both positive and negative for the American worker. On the one hand, the need for temp workers is an indicator that companies are in need of labor. The thought is that if labor demands remain constant, companies will then need to hire permanent help.

The other side of the coin is that many companies seem intent on using temporary workers to fill increased labor demands. Hiring temp workers helps companies control the cost of labor because they save money on both salary and benefits. Work opportunities for temps have exploded over the last 10 years and show no signs of slowing any time soon.

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Tech Workers

The amount of commerce that takes place online continues to grow. This growth has caused tech jobs of all kinds to experience increased demand. Depending on the location, tech companies can’t seem to fill their ranks fast enough. Many jobs in the industry offer high pay without advanced degrees. For instance, some coders make good money after only completing six months’ worth of coding training.


Both homebuilding and home renovations are on the rise in America. This provides job opportunities for different types of construction workers. Concrete companies are ideal for outdoor related projects and frame builders are necessary for building a structure. Plumbers and electricians, along with many others are responsible for making a home livable.

Final Thoughts

The outlook for American workers is brighter than it has been in many years. Individuals in need of a job have a good chance of gaining employment if they concentrate their efforts on the four industries above.

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