5 Ways Online Education is Changing the World

A generation ago, no one would have considered using the words online and education in the same sentence. Now, few can imagine a world without it. In our explorations of lifelong learning, we’ve experienced a lot about this transformation.

As computers and technology continue to evolve, it costs less to access more information than ever before. If you wonder how online education has any world-changing attributes, here are some factors for further consideration.

Consider the Real Goal of Education

Learning for learning’s sake has a place in the world. However, learning and education are similar but not exactly alike. A child attending public school in many larger cities and even some states technically could receive an education without learning much at all. Crowded classrooms, harried teachers and few resources conspire to reward mediocrity and advance all but the most limited students.

The best teachers know the real goal of education has little to do with sending a child on to the next grade. A true teacher knows their goal involves providing the best environment for each child to effectively learn and apply new information.

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Online Education Offers the Freedom to Learn

There was a time in this country when only the well-to-do parents provided a formal education program beyond sixth grade to their children. Gradually, an agrarian-based economy gave way to the industrial revolution. While the labor force was often unskilled, the advantage clearly fell to the skilled workers. Most parents want to see their children live a better life. Industry rewarded learning, which provided workers the incentive to gain further education.

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Online Education Must Recognize its Limitations

Online education courses offer unprecedented access to the world’s finest teachers. However, it can only change the world once it recognizes it cannot provide every education tool for all people. Right now, certain educators tout online education as the best of all possible scenarios.

Too often, the same educators prefer online courses because they find it easier to teach without interruption. However, certain groups of students, such as elementary school and middle school students, require more support beyond a teacher assigning coursework without engagement.

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Online Education Is Convenient and Might Produce Less Waste

Online learning is known to be one of the most convenient forms of learning due to the ability to do it when you want and where you want it. That being said, it is also convenient in the form of the device you use, for both yourself and the environment. Recycling companies work with many different school districts to often get rid of electronic recycling and proper data destruction – but not all schools take advantage of these businesses. This is due to the amount of electronics that schools needs to be constantly updating and replacing. But when studying online and at home, you can help reduce the impact of electronic waste by using a personal device that is often better taken care of. Most students who learn at home will only have one, instead of the student who goes to class, who will need electronics at school and home.

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As Education Evolves, the World Changes

Online education has opened a bright future for millions of people living in remote areas. Many students thrive with a more relaxed learning environment. Those with a shorter attention span may learn better when allowed to rewind and hear the teacher and concept repeated.

Other students flourish in a classroom that lets them learn from others in a group setting. When they receive praise and encouragement from their teacher on a face-to-face basis, some students experience a passion and drive to learn that they can’t experience via an online education.

The addition of online education offers an effective method for teaching and educating students in a way no one ever thought possible. Imagine the strides this inspires for future learning.

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