5 Easy Ways to Make an Extra $100+ a Month

make an extra $100 a month

Make Some Extra Money on the Side

What could you do with an extra $100-$200 every month?

It’s not life-changing money, but it might make a couple bill payments for you. Or you could go eat at a fancy restaurant.

Here are 5 ways you can earn – at the very least – an extra couple hundred dollars every month. Probably a lot more.

I’ve only included the ones I’ve done personally (and I’ve tried so many…). My requirement is that it be flexible. That means no set schedule. You work when you want and choose to do as much or as little as you want.

1. BlogMutt

Like to write?  Blogmutt is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to earn money from writing 250+ word articles for publication on other people’s websites.

When you first start out, you’re at level 1. You increase your level by earning points. There are many ways to earn points. Writing an article gives you 2 points (at level 1), selling an article gives you 18 points, etc.

When you start out, you’re eligible to write 300-word articles. You’ll earn $10.50 for each one. Then, as you level up, you can write longer articles and earn more per article. As you progress up the ladder, you can write longer posts and earn more per post (up to well over $100/article for long, in-depth articles).

When you get to level 8, you can get stock in the company. And there are other bonuses along the way.

You can write as much or as little as you want. Want to write 1 article a month? Great.  Want to write 7 articles per day? Go ahead.  It’s all completely up to you.

If you write two 300-word articles in an hour, and you work 20 hours a week, you’d earn $1,680 in a month.

They pay weekly via Paypal (if you submit your invoice).

Blogmutt is an easy way to earn an extra $100/month, but you can earn much more if you want, as well.

2. Leapforce

Leapforce is a great way to earn an extra couple hundred dollars every month.  They offer several different projects you can work on. You can evaluate search engine results, rate Facebook ads, or even enter your location information every day.

You earn $13.50/hour, but you’re limited to 1 hour per day maximum when you first start.  You typically work 5 days per week, but you can opt to work 6 or 7 days a week, too.  It’s great because you can do it anytime during the day whenever you have the time. There’s no set schedule.

They pay once a month. If you work 1 hour per day 7 days a week, you’ll earn $378 a month.

3. Wonder Research

With Wonder Research, you choose a question that’s been posted, then you research the answer, include trustworthy sources, and write up your answer to the question.

They pay every two weeks, and what you earn depends on your quality score. When you submit your research write-up, you get rated. If your quality score is below 4.5, you’ll earn $10 for each answer. A higher score earns you $16 per answer.

Wonder suggests that researching and writing your answer takes around 90 minutes, but it takes me longer than that.

The caveat is that you could spend a lot of time doing research and writing an answer, then it doesn’t get accepted. In that case, you earn nothing, so all your time and work was for naught.

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4. Your Own Blog

I put this here because you can definitely earn at least $100/month – passively. However, it is not easy, and it is not immediate.  It will take you at least 6 months of LOTS of work to get to the point where you’re earning a couple hundred dollars per month as passive income.

Also, there’s a monetary investment involved upfront. Setting up the website is easy (want help? I’ve been doing it for 13 years, so just contact me). Getting plenty of free traffic is the hard part.  Definitely doable, but again, not easy.

How much money does it take?  If you do it all yourself, you could be up and running in 30 minutes with a cash outlay of $70 (includes a domain name and a year of shared hosting). Recommended outlay: $140 (hosting, domain name, and a professional WordPress template from ThemeForest). Want someone like me to set it up for you: $460 – everything set up for you with hosting and domain name; you just add your content.

The great thing about having your own website is that you are the boss.  You get to say whatever you want to say, show whatever you want to show, and have your very own piece of real estate on the Internet. And, you get to attract and meet people who are interested in what you’re interested in (you get your own “tribe”).

How much can you potentially make?  That’s the doozy. There are many people making over $100,000 a month from their blogs (google income reports from Pat Flynn, Melyssa Griffin, Neil Patel, and more).

Can you get to that level? Yes, you can. However, that takes a LOT of learning about marketing, and it takes years to get to that level. So if that’s your goal, get ready to dig in, work hard for a long time with few results in the beginning, and get ready to learn, learn, and learn some more.

5. Sell Bottled Water

I like this idea and do it occasionally, but it’s not an online gig. You get a 32-pack of bottled water at Walmart for around $3.50 ($0.11 per bottle). Find a local dog park or event where people are going to hang out. Works great in the summer heat. Go put a small table near the dog park or event and sell the bottled water for $1/bottle. If you sell 20 bottles an hour and stand there for 4 hours, you’ll make a profit of $71.20 in 4 hours.

Go put a small table near the dog park or event and sell the bottled water for $1/bottle. If you sell 20 bottles an hour and stand there for 4 hours, you’ll make a profit of $71.20 in 4 hours.

Do that every Saturday and Sunday (4 hours each day) for 4 weekends a month, and you’ll have a profit of $569.60 for the month.

Here Are the Ones I Don’t Recommend (Tried Them All!)

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk. People claim to make a couple hundred dollars on here doing mindless tasks, but I did it. When I sat down and figured out my pay rate, I was earning just a little over a dollar an hour. Time is way more valuable than that.
  • Online Surveys. Oh man. Tried several. Total waste of time. And you email inbox will get spammed forever.
  • Work-from-Home Call Center Jobs. Some people might like them, but to do these, you have to work a set schedule. And I am all about flexibility – working when I want to.
  • Mystery Shopping. I did this with several different companies. The pay is very low – like around $8 per mystery shop. By the time you spend your own gas and drive there, do the shop, drive home, write up the report, and amend it when they “want more information”, the pay is way too low. Not worth my time. One company took 60 days to pay me my $8, others wouldn’t reimburse me for my “required purchase”, etc. I just don’t recommend it, personally.
  • Virtual Assistant. It seems everyone wants to be a virtual assistant these days, but few people will earn enough doing it. Some people say, “Earn $40 an hour”, but the market is flooded with Filipinos overseas working for $1-2/hour, so what are the chances that you’ll find someone to pay you $40/hour to do filing and menial tasks? Slim to none…. Do some research online and you’ll see time and time again that the average US-based VA earns around $12,000-$15,000 a year, working 30 to 40 hours a week. Not a good idea in my opinion. And you’re someone else’s slave, too. “Do this exactly this way and have it done by 2 pm tomorrow!”.  I opt for freedom and autonomy, so no more VA work for me.
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Michele Swensen is a writer and web designer who loves learning, animals, writing, reading, and playing the piano. She’s a member of Mensa and a college graduate.
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