5 Little-Known Benefits of Education

Without an education, your child is not going to be able to compete in the modern world.

Too many children today do not get as rigorous of an education as they should.

How many kids do you know today who want to spend all day watching YouTube or playing video games? And how many parents let them?

Kids, like adults, want to do what’s fun – and learning isn’t always on their list of “fun things to do”.

Often, kids don’t take their studies seriously.

However, as a parent, it’s essential that you get your child on track with their education.

Here are five little-known benefits of education that you should be aware of that will impact your child.

Educated Kids Tend to Stay Out of Trouble

Kids that do better in school tend to avoid getting into as much trouble as kids who are not well-educated. Also, well-educated kids are less likely to experiment with and become addicted to drugs. They are less likely to be involved in other forms of criminal activity, as well.

Educated Kids Get Better Jobs Earlier

Your ability to obtain work is often directly related to your education. A lot of companies will still not hire people if they have not completed a K-12 school program.

Employers see individuals who graduate with good grades as more competent and committed; employers are also more likely to give them a position over a someone who did not see their education through to completion.

And statistics across the board show a strong correlation between a person’s level of education and their income.

Educated Kids Tend to Continue their Education Beyond the High School Level

Even before graduation comes, highly-educated kids are already looking into going to college.

They take important tests, investigate scholarships, find grants, and apply to various universities.

Their love for learning drives them to want to continue their education because they have an idea of the benefits that more education can bring.

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Educated Kids Tend to Earn More Money

The doors that education can open for career-minded students are virtually endless.

With each level of education achieved, your child will find that it is easier to earn higher wages than people who lack the academic training to get promotions and raises.

This can translate to your child eventually earning tens of thousands more annually than those who do not take their education seriously.

Educated Kids Tend to be Better Business Owners

A thorough education can prepare your child to own and operate their own business. Without an education, it would be difficult to know how to stay on top of everything involved in forming and running a business the right way.

Educated people tend to be better prepared for leadership roles, and leadership is another critical skill to have in order to start and operate a successful business.

While your children are still young, it is essential to impress upon them how important their education actually is.

Children who take their education seriously tend to be far better adjusted than those who don’t.

They’re also more ready for what life has to throw at them, having the critical educational foundation, experience, and ability to work to achieve their goals in life.

Get Involved!

If you think your child’s education is lacking, it may be time to look into some alternative options. There are tutoring programs, accelerated-learning programs, and specialized-education tracks that you can look into that will give your child a leg up.

One of the biggest things you can do as a parent is to model the importance of education. Sit down and read with them once a week, then discuss what you read with them.

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Take the time to tell or show them stories about kids in other countries who don’t have access to education and how hard their lives are.

Give them role models.  Find stories online of kids who grew up in the worst circumstances but changed their lives for the better by working hard to educate themselves.  You can start with the book by Ben Carson called “Gifted Hands“.

Take time to teach, encourage, and model how important education is, and your child will be well on his or her way to creating a great life free from poverty and limited opportunities.


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Layla Ashraf is a writer who loves learning, reading, and traveling. She speaks five languages and is a college student.





Layla Ashraf is a writer who loves learning, reading, and traveling. She speaks five languages and is a college student.
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