5 Things That Help You Learn Easily

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5 Things That Help You Learn Easily

  1. Napping

    Research from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that an hour’s nap can dramatically boost and restore your brain power.

    They took 39 people, divide them into two groups, and gave them a rigorous learning task. One group took a 90-min nap in the afternoon and the others didn’t. Another learning task was given later, and those who had the nap performed a lot better and even improved their ability to learn.

  2. Intense physical exercise

    Researchers at the University of Meunster studied 27 people to see what the impact of physical exercise had on the ability to learn. They tested the subject’s ability to learn after low-impact running, rest, and high-impact sprints.

    Then they measured how fast they could learn new vocabulary, and they tested brain chemicals to see if they increased or decreased, and they tested them immediately after the exercise, 1 week later, and again several months later.

    They found that the high-impact exercisers learned 20% faster than the other two groups, and the “good” brain-chemical levels increased, even a long time after the exercise stopped.

  3. Motherhood

    A study published in Nature found that females who become mothers increased their ability to learn, and separate studies have shown that motherhood improved a female’s memory.

    Read some sources here, here, and here.

  4. Tumeric (Curcumin)

    Researchers have found that Curcumin – an ingredient of turmeric – increases memory and protects the brain from some harmful chemicals that are known to kill brain cells.  Some research shows promising protective effects against brain disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease. See more sources here and here.

  5. Belief

    One study showed that people who believed they were having a social interaction with another person (even though they actually had interactions with a computer) learned better than those who believed they were talking with a computer.

    Carol Dweck’s research showed that those who believe they can improve their intelligence actually did, whereas those who didn’t believe so, did not. See this TED Talk

    Simply believing that you can or you can’t get better at learning (or at anything) has been shown time and time again to determine whether you actually do improve.

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