5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Order Online

The advent of the Internet has definitely changed the way people shop. From handbags and footwear to groceries and automotive parts, there are countless things that you can find and purchase on the world wide web.

In fact, Internet shopping has had such a significant impact on consumer habits that many well-known stores are currently scrambling for ways to keep their services and products relevant and accessible to their targeted markets.

Despite the increasing popularity of online shopping, there are still a few things being offered that may surprise you.

Here’s a look at five surprising items you can order online today.

1. Potted Plants

Gone are the days when you had to drive to a physical plant nursery to purchase indoor and outdoor plants. Now, you can buy just about any plant species your heart desires— without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. With increasingly rapid delivery times, third-party fulfillment solutions, and local partners, online businesses have a wealth of ways to keep foliage fresh, healthy, and ready for planting.

Not only does shopping for potted plants via the web give people access to a much broader range of options, but for those who lack cars, web-based shopping also eliminates the need to take these heavy purchases home on the bus. Best of all, many prudent shoppers are able to use the web to find some pretty impressive deals.

2. Zombie Survival Kits

Whether inspired by blockbuster movies or highly popular television shows, zombie-mania has recently swept the nation in a way that utterly defies logic.

Even the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has gotten in on the on the fun by issuing its own zombie apocalypse preparedness guide. Whether offered in a tongue-in-cheek fashion or intended for actual, eventual use, tons of zombie survival kits have flooded the web as well.

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These range from low-cost, pocket-sized kits to massive, all-inclusive backpacks. The most comprehensive offerings include several days’ worth of freeze-dried foods, water purification gear, battery cables, weapons, defensive flashlights, and toilet paper.

It just goes to show that consumers can purchase just about anything online if they know where to look.

3. Cupcakes in Mason Jars

Looking for more ways to satisfy your sweet tooth? Forget the bakery—now you can get cupcakes delivered straight to your door.

These mobile confections are delivered in mason jars, and they are everything that people want their sweet treats to be.

These decadent desserts are sealed away for freshness, decked with festive ribbons and other adornments, and equipped with their own, biodegradable spoons. They’re perfect for dressing up work or school lunches, or for providing a sumptuous and eye-catching spread at your wedding reception, baby shower, or other social gathering.

While selling cupcakes via the web is a relatively new thing, offering them in mason jars allows consumers to try out flavors that they might not otherwise have access to.

4. Your Own Private Island

Surprising, it isn’t necessary to be a billionaire to buy a private island. Numerous web-based platforms are offering fully legal opportunities for people to invest in secluded hideaways of their very own. In fact, there are several thousand islands that get listed on the market each and every year.

For as little as $400k, you can secure an isolated piece of land that’s surrounded by water.

Moreover, even at this relatively low price, your island may come with the added benefit of existing construction.

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There are also opportunities to purchase islands on a freehold basis. This means that for a single price, buyers can obtain entire, uninhabited islands outright.

5. A Jet Pack

As if having your own island and being able to munch on cupcakes isn’t awesome enough, you can also use the web to shop for a jetpack.

For a small fortune, you can amaze your friends, beat the daily commute, and get a bird’s eye view of just about everything.

With basic jetpack models priced at $200k, this type of transportation isn’t for everyone, but there’s definitely no better way to wile away your free time than hovering over your private island in your jetpack while devouring colorful cupcakes in mason jars.

Ready to Place Your Order?

Online shopping is convenient, easy, and fun. It can also be downright addictive for those who love snapping up rare finds at impressively low prices.

Although many people are regularly using the web to get the services and products they need, there will always be a few surprising offers out there.

From jetpacks and islands to zombie gear and fresh-baked goods, you can find pretty much anything while browsing from the comforts of home.

Interested in learning more about the world wide web—and the world in general? Check out our Daily Smartenings and expand your horizons.

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