5 Ways to Kick Someone’s Butt

ways to kick someones butt

How to Kick Someone’s Butt

I hate violence, but let’s be real. There are times in life when you need to kick someone’s butt.

Maybe you get jumped by some thugs trying to rob you after you leave a nice restaurant in the late evening. Maybe some jerk in a white van stops near your house and tries to lure your neighbor’s kid into the vehicle.  These are just a couple situations that call for some serious a**-whooping.

Here are 5 quick tips on how to kick someone’s butt.

Heel of the Hand Up the Nose

A quick and easy way to cause instant, debilitating pain is to use the heel of your hand to punch someone as hard as you can in the nose.

If you use as much force as you can muster and push upward on the perpetrator’s nostrils (where the two openings are), you will not only break his nose, but there’s a good chance he will run away reeling in pain.

Kneecap Kick

It’s helpful if you can cause excruciating pain and cripple him at the same time. Then he can’t come running after you as you escape.

Throw a couple of punches to distract him, then, with all your might, kick him in the kneecap. The goal is to break that knee, so imagine your foot going straight through to the other side of his leg.

It’s important to give it all you’ve got, though, because if you don’t kick hard enough to severely damage that knee, then you’ve just pi**ed him off, and he will exact his revenge.

Karate Chop to the Throat

The goal here is to damage the windpipe, but this one only works well if you’re nearly as tall as the perpetrator because you have to be able to reach his throat.

Remember all those karate movies where the guys use the edge of their hand to karate-chop their opponents, then the opponent just falls on the floor?  Well, the edge of the hand does have a lot of power, although it can take time to build that up and make it strong enough. Karate students around the world are always strengthening their karate chop to break boards and cinder blocks and concrete slabs. That’s because there’s plenty of power there.

So, for this one, use the edge of your hand and karate-chop him in the throat. You’ll have to be standing on the side of him, and it’s better if he’s a bit distracted and looking the other way 😊. That way, you have a clear shot at his throat.

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Of Course, Go for the Groin

This one’s a no-brainer.  If the perpetrator is a guy, do everything you can to go for that sensitive area. At least it may give you time to run away if need be. And once again, give it all the force you can muster.

Judo Foot Sweep

If you’re a short person fighting a bigger person, this move is perfect for you.

The Judo Leg Sweep is perfect if the guy has his weight on one leg.

If he’s not in that stance, you can put him there. Simply pull down and out on his elbow with your left hand while simultaneously pulling up to his right and pushing backward with your right hand, which is grasping his shirt on his left shoulder.

Now his weight should be mainly on his right leg.

Step into him with your right leg to hook the inside of your right knee behind the inside of his right knee. Yanking your bent right leg strongly back toward yourself removes the main leg supporting his body, and BAM – he’s on the floor looking up at the ceiling thinking, “What the heck just happened?”.

You can do this move from either side by reversing the directions for the hands and feet.

Bonus: Effectively Block Punches

Most people intuitively step away as soon as they see a punch or something coming at them. That’s not the best option, however.

Stay where you’re at when that fist starts moving toward you. Make sure your feet are far enough apart that you can’t easily be knocked down. If the guy’s aiming for your face or neck, use the inside edge of your forearm to block him. If he’s aiming for your abdomen or torso, snap your arm downward and block with the outside edge of your forearm.

Use the opposite arm that he’s using, too. If he’s punching with his right arm, you block with your left arm, and vice versa.

The reason you want to block instead of stepping back to avoid the punch is because now you are close enough to do a counterattack as soon as he has punched and before he has time to recover and go for another attack. He’s vulnerable in that moment. Take advantage of it and kick his a**!

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