Animal Cafes in Japan

hedgehog cafe japan

Image: Harry

Animal Cafes in Japan Let You Get Cuddly with Animals

Japan is famous for its robotics, knowledge, technology, manga, and its strangeness. I mean we’ve already mentioned the poop museum.

Today, we’ll take a look at Japan’s animal cafes. You can have a drink while cuddling with a hedgehog or you could eat a sandwich with a penguin.

Yep, in Japan, anything is possible.

Hedgehog Cafés

In 2016, the first-ever hedgehog café opened in Japan. It’s called Harry, named after the Japanese word harinezumi which means hedgehog, or literally, needle mouse.

This café doesn’t serve any food, but you can enjoy the company of a hedgehog for 30 minutes in exchange for 1,400 yen which equals about $12 or £9.

The café also sells hedgehogs as pets along with their accessories, such as hedgehog food and cages.

Owl Cafes

Owl Cafe Japan

Some will say owls are cool, others think they’re creepy. I’m with the former. Owls are amazing creatures, and I’d love to spend time in the Akiba Fukurou café.

In the café, you’ll find owls from 33 different breeds. You can choose an owl and sit with it in a booth to spend your time bonding and stroking your chosen owl.

You can also get your picture taken by a professional photographer.

Rabbit Cafés

There are many rabbit cafés in Japan. There’s even one in the same building as the hedgehog café I mentioned earlier.

In these cafés, you can have coffee and desserts, and if you like a rabbit enough, you can buy it as a pet in some of the cafes.

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Cat Cafés

Yep, there are even cat cafés. One of the most famous cat cafés is the Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

It costs 1000 yen on weekdays and 1200 yen on weekends to spend an hour inside. Once inside, you can buy food for yourself and also buy food for the cats.

Another popular one is Temari no Ouchi in Kichioji (Tokyo). The décor makes it seem like you’re in a children’s fairytale book, and there’s plenty of room for the cats to run around. Take a look:

Temari no Ouchi cat cafe

Dog Cafés

If you prefer dogs rather than cats, Japan has you covered there, too.  Dog Heart café in Shibuya (Tokyo) lets you romp and play with the dogs, or you can simply rent one and take it for a walk in the nearby Yoyogi park. Most of the dogs are toy poodles at this café.

Bird Cafés

Bird Cafe Japan

Colorful, chirping happy birds lift your spirits as soon as you walk into the Kotori Café Omotesando in Minato, Tokyo. You can have tea while playing with the birds, or you can rent a private room for personal contact with just you, your friends, and the birds. Enjoy cockatiels, parrots, and parakeets.

Snake Café

Why not spend an afternoon hanging out with snakes? The Tokyo Snake Center in Shibuya (Tokyo) lets you hold non-venomous snakes while having a cake and a drink. It only costs 1000 Yen for a few hours.

Goat Café

Goats do not seem like a likely café companion, but nevertheless, there is a goat café in Japan. Sakuragoaka in Shibuya has two goats named Sakura and Chocolat, but they stay in pens and stick their heads out, so you can pet them. (Otherwise, they’d probably eat your food!).

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I wonder, will animal cafés catch on in America? Probably not. Someone would complain about the animals’ welfare, and they’d get shut down.

What do you think?  Would you go to an animal café? I want to!! It seems more humane to me than some of the zoos I’ve been to.

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