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Learn Basic Financial Literacy and Save Yourself From Wasting Time and Making Costly Mistakes.

Why This Course is So Great...


Finances affect everyone throughout their entire life, but how much do you really know about money and money systems? It's a tragedy that these skills are not taught to kids during their traditional schooling, because the knowledge you'll get in this course is crucial to achieving a life free from financial mishaps. You will learn tips and tricks that enable you to save money and time.


When you go to college and study finance and economics, you tend to learn a lot of things that are not applicable to your every-day life. This course is designed to give you pertinent information that you'll use in your daily life.  We cut out the boring theory and focus on actionable, how-to topics.


Our course is designed to get to the important points quickly and easily, so you don't have to spend hours watching boring videos or reading 350-page books. You get 7 daily emails in this course, or you can opt to purchase the eBook version and get the whole course in one easy-to-access file.


If you don't pay attention to your finances, chances are you're going to get ripped off. Even if you pay someone to handle your finances, if you don't understand how things work, you won't know when things are not going well - until it's too late. Nicholas Cage was in the news several years ago because his financial manager made bad decisions and nearly bankrupted him. When you take this course, you'll learn about a variety of financial topics, and you'll be ahead of the vast majority of the population.

What You’ll Get

Our email course comes straight to your inbox every day for 7 days. Each lesson is designed to take up no more than 30 minutes of your day.  We get to the point and make sure you can follow along and use it immediately.

We cover 41 topics over the entire course. You'll not only learn about how various systems work, you'll also learn how to calculate things like ROI (return on investment) or the amortization schedule of a loan.

If you feel like you already receive too many emails, you can opt to get the complete course in eBook format instead of the daily emails.

Don't be Left Behind: Get the Learn Basic Financial Literacy Course Today!

What You'll Learn...

  • Simple vs. Compound Interest & How to Calculate Interest
  • What Types of Loans Use Simple Interest?
  • What Types of Loans Use Compound Interest?
  • Examples of Earning Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest
  • Who Sets the Interest Rates (USA)?
  • What Happens When the Policy Makers Raise or Lower Interest Rates?
  • The Main Ways To Make Money
  • Consumers vs. Producers
  • Build Yourself a System
  • What are Bonds?
  • The Three Main Categories of Bonds
  • What’s a Junk Bond?
  • How Do You Buy a Bond?
  • Is Income from Bonds Taxable or Tax-Free?
  • What Are the Advantages of Buying Bonds?
  • An Example of How a Fixed-Interest Bond Works
  • What’s a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
  • An Example of a CD
  • What Kind of Interest Rates Can You Get on a CD?
  • Is CD Income Taxable?
  • What Is the Stock Market?
  • What Is a Stock?
  • How Trading Stocks Works
  • How To Get Started Trading Stocks
  • What are Indices?
  • What Determines a Stock’s Price?
  • What is a Mutual Fund?
  • What are the Benefits of Investing in a Mutual Fund?
  • How Do You Buy Shares of a Mutual Fund?
  • What’s an ETF?
  • What Are Stock Options?
  • How Amortization Works
  • How to Do the Calculations to Fill in an Amortization Table
  • Is It Possible to Get a Loan without Having to Pay Interest?
  • How to Calculate Your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Why Do We Have Insurance?
  • The Basics of Currency
  • What Causes Currency to Fluctuate?
  • The Forex Market
  • How to Read Currency Quotes
  • A Simple Example of How a Forex Trade Might Go

Why is Learning Basic Financial Literacy Important?


There's nothing worse than buying something only to find out later that it's not what you wanted. Then you discover that you can't get your money back. We want you to learn without having to worry about that, so we offer a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.  Our refund policy differs according to which product you purchase, so be sure to read the details here.


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