Boat Care 101

You have invested a lot of money into your new boat, and you will want to protect that investment as best you can. This can easily happen by taking a few simple steps to ensure that your boat will function properly and be covered if anything were to happen to it. The following tips will help you get started.

Routine Maintenance

Boat maintenance isn’t something to take lightly, as improper maintenance can decrease the life of your boat by years. Washing your boat regularly will remove salt which can corrode metal hardware. The oil needs changing as well. How frequently this will need to occur depends on the model of your particular watercraft. Have the propeller checked routinely for obstructions, dents, or damage that could keep the boat from functioning at its best. Greasing the propeller while dismantled for inspection will protect your boat further by preventing corrosion.

Watercraft Insurance

There are a few states that require you to have liability coverage on certain types of boats or those used in their state parks. Even if you don’t live in these areas or visit them, you will need insurance in order to get a loan for a boat. In addition, many marinas will ask that you show proof of liability coverage before they will allow you access to a slip or mooring.

Boat Monitoring

Just like a car, your boat’s battery can lose its charge when left sitting for to long. The charge can also be affected by humidity, temperature, age, and the state of discharge. You will need to monitor the battery’s charge along with the bilge pump. If the bilge pump runs constantly or too frequently, it could be an indication of a serious problem. Smart boat monitoring maximizes your time on the water and saves you maintenance costs by finding and preventing serious issues ahead of time.

Alarm Systems

A good alarm system specifically made for watercraft will protect your boat from theft and vandalism. Choose a reliable alarm system designed for a water environment. It needs to be easy to use as well. Otherwise, you may not be as likely to use it at all times. The best systems will protect the hatches, decks, and gunwale by alerting you and the authorities of any activity.

Monitoring your boat’s battery and bilge pump, doing regular maintenance on the craft, and having a reliable alarm and insurance coverage will keep your boat well protected. These simple steps will ensure a good return on your investment and provide you with several years of fun out on the water.


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