With the Internet, comparison shopping is easier than ever.

Everyone likes to take a look online to see what the price of an item goes for and to see who offers them the best deal. So we've put together a comparison list showing you what we offer you versus what others are offering.

Starbucks Venti Mocha Coffee $5 for one cup $1/day
Vedic math course on udemy – 2 hours of instruction $170.00 1.5 hours of instruction for $7.50
College class at public university – 1 hour class that meets 3 times a week for 15 weeks. 3 x 15 = 45 hours of instruction. Cost (using Kent State University as an example): $1368.00 + Books and general fee (so add $700). So $2068.00 / 45 hours = $46 per hour of instruction. $46 per hour of instruction x 3.5 hours per week = $161.00 per week $7.50 per week
30 day email cooking course from foodist website $99 $30
Popular online Course on how to use Pinterest – 8 modules 5-20 min. each module (total: less than 3 hours of content) $397 (less than 3 hrs of instruction) $7.50 (3.5 hours of instruction)
Popular podcaster’s course on how to grow your blog’s traffic and become a millionaire. 13 modules in course – each module around 50 minutes long. Around 11 hours of instruction for $400. $36/hour. $126 for 3.5 hours of instruction $7.50 for 3.5 hours of instruction