Funny Teacher Videos: 10 of the Funniest Teachers on YouTube

funniest teachers funny teacher videos

Funny Teacher Videos: 10 of the Funniest Teachers on YouTube

Of course you’ve seen plenty of funny cat videos, but what about funny teacher videos?  I researched a lot to try to find the funniest teachers on YouTube.

Want to know the truth?

Studies show that not many students enjoy sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture.

Why is that?

One reason is the typical style of delivery that a lot of teachers use.

Usually, the teacher (or lecturer) stands behind a lectern or sits behind a desk – and stays there for the entire class period.

He/She will then proceed to read from notes on a powerpoint slide and speak with no passion. To make it worse, a lot of teachers speak in a dull, monotone voice.


I pored through hours of video footage looking for teachers who made class interesting! 

I found that, while funny cat videos abound, funny teacher videos are pretty darn scarce.

Why is that?


  1. I stink at researching, or
  2. Teachers generally are not very funny and/or interesting.

Which do you think it is?

Anyway, here are some teachers (and lecturers) who are doing it right.

They are passionate, they make class interesting, and they engage their audience.

Take a look and see what you think:

Technology + Humor = Refreshing!

This funny teacher uses technology to make his subject matter interesting.

If you were a student in his class, would you fall asleep, or would you keep your eyes peeled to the screen and hear what he has to say?

And here’s another one…

Chant + Passion = Riveting!

This is a teacher who knows how to take something boring and mundane (Learning English) and turn it into something interesting and memorable using chant, rhyme, music, and body language.

How to Advance Your Education as an Adult

Repetition helps you remember things better, and this is a great way to achieve that.

He even appears to be interested in the subject matter, which makes it much more interesting for the student.

Rap = Memorable + Interesting!

Even though this math teacher isn’t a great rapper (or singer!), he makes the lecture interesting and memorable anyway.

Effort goes a long way.

If the teacher seems enthusiastic, the students will “catch” the enthusiasm.

Just like laughter (and yawning!), enthusiasm, passion, and excitement are contagious.

Emotion + Motion = Engrossing!

This next video is a compilation of short clips.

Some excerpts show how NOT to be a teacher, but some show teachers displaying real dedication and making their class enjoyable and lively.

(Funny) Jokes + Stories = Indelible!

Gaur Gopal Prabhu is a disciple of Radhanath Swami. He works at Radha Gopinath Mandir, ISKCON Mumbai. He has a degree in Electronics from Pune, India’s Institute Government College of Engineering (COEP).

He doesn’t teach school, but rather, he teaches philosophy.

When he teaches, however, his audience becomes enrapt because of his use of humor, jokes, and intriguing stories.

His facial expressions say that he’s interested and passionate about what he’s talking about, and he varies his voice’s pitch, volume, and speed, which makes listening to him an interesting endeavor.

These are elements all teachers should employ!

Here are some clips of various lectures compiled into one video (warning: it’s over 15 minutes long!):

Demonstration + Danger = Mesmerizing!

This physics teacher chose not to stand behind a lectern and trudge through a 50-minute monologue about potential energy.

Why Does Time Go Faster When You Get Older?

Instead, he made it real.

He used props and movement, and he even put himself in danger.

What student wouldn’t want to watch and learn from this man?

Surprise + Personality = Enjoyable!

This next video is a compilation of still photos, but it does show teachers displaying spontaneity, surprise, and unique personalities.

These elements come together to make learning fun!

Wit + Ingenuity = Thrilling!

The next video is also a compilation of still photos, but once again, it demonstrates the power that a little humor and ingenuity have in an educational setting.

Wouldn’t you like to learn from one of these teachers?

Dedication + Compassion = Endearing!

Mr. Jeff Wright is a physics teacher at Louisville Male High School, and his students love him.


He’s funny. He’s hands-on. He’s compassionate. He shows that he cares. Mostly, he exemplifies the qualities that every teacher should strive to embody.

What Do You Think?
Do You Know (or Are You) an Exceptional Teacher, Lecturer, or Educator? What Characteristics Should Teachers Display?
Please share in the comments below.
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