How Dangerous Are Motorcycles, Really?

Motorcycles are a contentious topic for many.

While some see them as simply an efficient mode of transportation, many view them as a vessel for freedom and an escape from the cares and concerns of everyday life. Others see them as death machines for thrill-seekers bent on ending their lives early. The truth is that they can be any of those things depending on how they are used. For this reason, the debate about whether motorcycles are dangerous is just as complex as the debate about guns being dangerous or not.

Regardless of your take, the unfortunate truth is that motorcycle accident injuries, and deaths are so frequent that an entire injury has materialized in pursuing legal damages for motorcycle injuries. This is not a mere coincidence. The margin of error with motorcycle accidents is small. There is no such thing as a “fender bender” with a motorcycle, as the majority of motorcycle accidents will involve the rider hitting the ground. By default, accidents with motorcycles result in several more and more severe injuries compared with drivers of vehicles.

While motorcycles are attractive to many people, far too few motorcyclists join the community with the proper education and training to assure their own safety. Modern motorcycles feature advanced handling and operation aids that make it easier for new riders to get going, but the fundamentals of responsible riding cannot be automated or engineered into a bike, they must be taught and learned through experience.

It is very tempting to obtain the necessary knowledge to ride, get some safety gear, and immediately straddle your dream motorcycle and start riding tours. In fact, the bike will likely feel great and give you a false sense of confidence in that condition. This confidence can kill, as it makes the rider relax and become even less aware of dangerous situations. Lack of sufficient awareness combined with a lack of skills in emergency maneuvers will lead to some accidents sooner or later.

There are many organizations committed to equipping riders of all skill and experience levels with the tools they need to become and remain responsible riders. They also exhaust great effort in stressing the importance of training within the community. They offer courses at often very low rates with minimal time commitment for getting started in riding or sharpening skills for experienced riders.

In addition to valuable life-saving skills, completion of these courses can earn you a discount on your motorcycle insurance. When considering the alternative and the risks undertaken by every rider, there is really no reason not to get yourself trained.

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