How to Draw A Guinea Pig

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How to Draw a Guinea Pig

If you can draw, today’s Daily Smartening isn’t for you. Sorry!

I like to draw, and I want to draw, but I’m not that good at it.  If you’re not a pro at drawing, either, today you will learn how to draw a cute little guinea pig.

The neat thing is that once you draw it, you can scan it and turn it into a digital .jpg or .png. Then head on over to a site like or, stick it on a mug or a T-shirt and sell it!  Maybe you’ll earn some extra cash!

Step 1

Sketch a horizontal axis so that your guinea pig will be aligned. Then lightly draw three circles for his body.  The left circle will be the head, so it should be the smallest.  The right one will be the butt, so how big you make it depends on how much butt you want it to have.

draw a guinea pig step 1

Step 2

Figure out where you’re going to sketch your eye, then put it in there.  It’s best to put it a little above the horizontal axis on that left circle. Connect the circles to draw the outline of the guinea pig.

draw a guinea pig step 2

Step 3

Now you can give him details.  Sketch the fur with jagged lines.  Draw fur with thin pencil strokes. Make his eye look like a lemon shape. Give him a slight smile. Draw his nose.

draw a guinea pig step 3

Step 4

Outline your guinea pig with ink or colored pencils or pastels or whatever medium you choose. You can erase the guideline circles you made in step 1 so that you’re left with the actual picture. Give him an ear, and detail his feet.

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draw a guinea pig step 4

Step 5

Add some color with colored pencils or markers (use some pastel pink, saffron, sandstone, and brown colors). You can add some White-Out on the eye to make it cuter, if you want. Tah-dah! You’ve drawn a cute little guinea pig! Great job!

draw a guinea pig tutorial

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