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How To Earn Points

You can earn points by participating here at Smartenings.com. Points can be used to earn free subscriptions to our e-mail courses, e-books, or even to get an Amazon gift card! Here’s the list.

Note: For some points to be awarded, you must be logged in. You can always log in at https://smartenings.com/register/login/

Point Values

  • Registering with us- 10 points
  • Visiting the website - 1 point per day
  • Reading an article - 1 point each
  • Publishing an Article - 15 points
  • Commenting - 1 point per comment, max 5 points per day
  • Referring a visitor to Smartenings* - 3 points
  • Introducing yourself to us using the form on the About Us page - 4 points
  • Publishing a review for a product in our store - 3 points
  • Adding an article to your Favorites - 2 points

To refer a visitor and get credit for it, you'll need to share a referral link that the other person must click on, like this:

Your Referral URL: https://smartenings.com/?mref=

Redeeming Your Points

Points are redeemed by emailing us at smartenings@gmail.com.

Just tell us when you want to redeem your points, and we’ll take care of it.

Here is what you can get:

  • 50 points: one free eBook from our eBook store
  • 150 points: free 1-month subscription to email courses (4 courses total; you choose which ones.)
  • 250 points: $25 amazon gift card