Become a Pro at Microsoft Excel eBook


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Learn all you need to know to work confidently with Microsoft Excel. We use Excel 2016 for the examples, but the eBook is useful for older versions of Excel as well.

You will learn:

  • Become a Pro at Microsoft Excel
  • Basic Worksheet Info
  • A Few Quick Tips on How to Format Your Worksheets
  • Formula Basics
  • The AutoSum Function
  • Get to Know the Operators
  • Results of Various Formulas
  • Order of Operations
  • How To Use the Insert Function Box
  • Arguments
  • Copying Formulas
  • How to Give Cells and Ranges Names
  • How to Name a Formula
  • When Your Formula Doesn’t Work: Errors
  • Using Date and Time Formulas
  • Data List Basics
  • Often-Used Features of the Data List
  • Filtering and Querying Your Data List
  • Using Database Functions
  • Charting Basics
  • Using the Design Tab on Your Chart
  • How to Choose the Right Chart Type
  • How to Add Graphics to Your Worksheet
  • Using What-if Scenarios with Data Tables
  • Using Data Tables: A Single-Variable What-If Analysis
  • Performing a What-If Analysis on Two Variables Using a Data Table
  • How to Use the Scenario Manager
  • How to Protect a Worksheet
  • Conditional Formatting
  • How to Use Pre-Defined Presets for Conditional Formatting
  • How to Set the Rules for Conditional Formatting
  • How to Use Goal Seek
  • How and When to Use the Solver
  • Solver Example
  • How to Insert Sparklines
  • Designing Your Sparklines
  • What Are Pivot Tables?
  • How to Create a Data Table
  • How to Slice Pivot Table Data
  • Connect Your Slicer to Another Pivot Table
  • How to Create a Pivot Chart


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