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Learn more about improving your public speaking skills with our recommended resources.

Learning how to improve speaking skills is important in every aspect of your life, whether you're telling a story to a friend, or addressing an audience of 1000 people up on stage.

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  • This book gives you all the tips and techniques TED speakers use to give great public speeches. It talks about everything from what clothes to wear to overcoming the fear of public speaking.

  • Dale Carnegie wrote a detailed book that contains everything you need to do about giving an effective public speech.

Six Minutes

A website full of tips to improve your public speeches and speaking skills. Check it Out

Seth's Blog

Seth’s articles are short, but the value they present is priceless. Check it Out

Presentation Skills Self-Evaluation Tool

Although, there is no replacement for feedback from other people, sometimes you’d rather evaluate your own speech. This is a great tool to help you do that made by Psychology Today. Check it Out