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  • Hidden credit repair secrets

    This is a great resource for dealing with your creditors. It tells you exactly what you should do to dispute negative items on your report, and more.

  • Credit Repair Black Book

    This book provides a lot of actionable steps you can take to improve your credit. Definitely worth a read.

This is an incredibly useful and FREE site that will help you get out of debt. It offers so many great tools, you’ll be amazed. There is a premium version, but that costs $12/year. Most of the tools are in the version. This site helped me create a payoff plan and eliminate $20,000 of credit-card debt in 2 years. Check it Out

US News & World Report Credit Card Guide 2017

This provides useful information about credit scores and credit cards for 2017. Check it Out

Nerd Wallet

This is an unbiased and useful site providing money-managing tips and the latest, researched information. If you need advice, check this site out. Check it Out

Penny Hoarder

This site provides plenty of ideas on how to save money as well as ideas on how to make some extra money on the side. Very useful. Check it Out

Khan Academy Finance

This free course offers a lot of useful information about personal finance. They also widen it out and talk about the wider impact of things as well. Check it Out.