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We are Michele and Layla, the creators of Smartenings.

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We love learning, and we created this website for people who realize that learning new things keeps life interesting and makes you a better person.

If you like to learn and grow, we offer a lot of content and resources to guide you. We believe that education can really change lives, and we know that you can learn almost anything you want without enrolling in a formal school and paying tons of money.

Our beliefs are simple:

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    Everyone has incredible potential

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    Learning shouldn't cost a fortune

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    We should all help each other

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    You always have a choice. If you want things to be different, make different choices.

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What You’ll Find Here:

We Foster Education

We offer affordable courses that are in-depth and useful. They’re ideal for busy people. They help you learn something new everyday in under 30 minutes. You can get them daily in your email inbox, or you can download them in eBook format.

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We Pursue Excellence

We work hard to provide you with a lot of scientifically-backed articles and resources that can help improve your life in lots of ways. If it has anything to do with learning, you’ll probably find it here.

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We Give You Options

Sometimes your email inbox is just way too crowded. So we offer all our easy-to-follow courses in eBook format as well. You can get them in .pdf, .epub, or .mobi formats.

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We Create Fun

When someone mentions learning, some people dredge up memories of bad experiences in grade school. We get it. We know learning isn’t always fun. But we try our best to make learning fun,
interesting, and turn it into something you really enjoy.

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