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Smartenings is a place for learning, sharing, and growing. Here, people can come together and share their own ideas or experiences.  If you’ve experienced something and learned from it, we invite you to share your story with others.

Our readers come here to read tips, techniques, and stories that help them learn and grow.

Anyone, of any age or from any background, can submit an original article (not published anywhere else) along with a short biography for publication here.

This is not reserved for celebrities or high-profile authors.  The best stories, articles, or lessons come from regular, everyday people who are willing to share their stories, tips, and techniques openly and honestly.

What Makes an Ideal Article?

The most popular articles on Smartenings have the following characteristics:

  • Personal experiences and stories are relatable.  It’s easy to learn from someone’s experience instead of just reading a general, vague wikipedia-style article.  Make it personal.  Delve beyond the surface.  Pull the reader in emotionally and paint a vivid picture. We LOVE to feature people who have learned something and then used that to better their lives, the lives of others, or the world, so if you have a story to share, please do so. Tell us where you were, what you experienced, and what the result was.
  • They can be applied in everyday life.  If you can please provide some actionable steps people can take.
  • They are at least 800 words long. (Preferably over 1000, though).
  • They express something related to learning or education, especially for adults.
  • We love information on autodidacts and self-education!

Why Should You Submit an Article?

  • Increase your exposure to new readers and increase traffic to your own site.
  • Every guest article includes a short bio which you can use to tell people about yourself.  You can include a link to your website or blog, and you can update it at any time, so if you come up with a great new product later, you can tell people about it. And Google loves relevant links!
  • Help others by sharing your stories and knowledge.

Things You Might Want to Include

  • Share a specific story from your own life and get into detail. Don’t say, “I learned this”. Show us. Who was there? When was it? What happened? What was the cause of this? How did it make you feel? What happened afterward? Share your insights and lessons learned, but also share how you came to learn them.
  • Offer some practical, actionable tips to help people overcome similar challenges or to realize what you realized.
  • Choose a topic that’s related to learning, growth, and improvement that’s not related to how to make money online, blogging, religion, or how to become a coach/motivational speaker/etc.
  • Try to avoid posting links to your website in the content of your article unless it’s completely relevant.  Save it for the Bio box.
  • Make sure it hasn’t been published elsewhere, even on your own website. We will check.
  • If you use info or pictures from someone else, give credit where credit is due. We only accept photos that you are licensed to use or that have a creative commons license. We may ask you where you got the pictures from.
  • Keep paragraphs relatively short – 3 or 4 sentences is ideal.  Make it readable for an online audience.
  • Use pictures, bulleted lists, sub-headings, etc. to make it easy to read and scan.

A Few Notes To Keep in Mind

  • Your article might be edited before publishing. If so, all proposed changes will be discussed with you prior to publication.
  • You can expect a response to your submission within 1-2 days.
  • You may be asked to revise a part of your submitted article.
  • We do not publish articles just so you can improve your SEO. For that reason, we have these guidelines in place:
    • To publish an article free of charge, you must register for our website and have accrued 10 points in our rewards program.
    • The cost of publishing a guest post with links to non-commercial websites for those who don’t have 10 points in rewards is $20.00, payable through PayPal.
    • If you are writing for a commercial website (i.e., you are selling something on your website), the publishing fee is $80.
  • Please note that our primary concern is to provide great content for our readers.  If you make a payment to submit a guest post, and we don’t feel it is useful to our community, we will refund your money and inform you of our decision not to publish it.

Thank you for sharing and being a part of the Smartenings community.

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Michele Swensen is a writer and web designer who loves learning, animals, writing, reading, and playing the piano. She’s a member of Mensa and a college graduate.