What is the Largest Breed of Dog?

What is the Largest Dog Breed?

I got a new puppy a few weeks ago. She’s a Shepsky – half German Shepherd and half Husky. I expected a 3-month old puppy would be small, but this puppy weighs 31 pounds and has very large feet! Maybe she will grow to be a giant. Check her out:

My shepsky

I started researching to find more about the largest dog breeds. How big do some dogs get? And what are some really interesting facts about these lovable canines who warm our hearts and become part of our families?

The Largest Dog Breed

There are several dog breeds claiming to be the “biggest breed”. Some people classify them based on height, others by weight. Also, there’s a lot of variation from dog to dog, even when they’re within the same breed. The point is, there’s no official, definitive “Biggest Dog Breed” classification.

Here are the 4 largest breeds (by weight). Weights are averages, of course.

Caucasian Ovcharka

Other names: Caucasian Mountain Dog, Russian Bear Dog, Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Origin: Russia

These dogs are native to the Caucasus mountain region of the USSR. Starting the in the 1920’s they were selectively bred for physical power, self-confidence, fearlessness, independence, sharply-developed hearing, good sight, and a dense and waterproof coat.

They’ve been used to for centuries to work and hunt. They’ve even been used to hunt bears. 😊  They make great guard dogs, too, and they are usually very loyal to their human owner.

ADULT WEIGHT: 110 – 200 lbs.

Tibetan Mastiff

Other Names: Drog-Khyi  in Tibetan, which means “dog which may be tied” or “dog which may be kept”.

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Origin: Tibet

These large dogs have been used as guard dogs for millennia in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. They’re very intelligent but also very stubborn.

Adult Weight: 100–160 lbs (males). Females generally don’t get over 120 pounds, though.

Image: TibetDoctor

Great Dane

Other Names: Deutsche Dogge, or German Mastiff (German). The French name is Dogue Allemand.

Origin: Germany

Great Danes are one of the most famous of the large-breed dogs, especially since the Guinness Book of World Records listed a Great Dane as the tallest dog. That Great Dane was named Zeus. He lived in Michigan and measured 44 inches (3.66 feet) from paw to shoulder. Sadly, he died at age 5, though, in 2014.

Adult Weight: 120–200 lbs (males). Females get up to 130 pounds, on average.

Blue Merle Great Dane

Neopolitan Mastiff

Other Names: Mastino, Mastino Napoletano, Italian Molosso

Origin: Italy

These powerful mastiffs are intelligent and make awesome guard dogs. They have loose skin, high pain tolerance, and they are known for sneaking up on intruders rather than alerting them to his presence.

Adult Weight: 130–155 pounds (males)

Neopolitan Mastiff

Image: Lisa Herndon

Some Doggie Facts

  • Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan – emperor of Mongol Empire from 1260 to 1294) reportedly kept over 5,000 Mastiffs for use in hunting and battle. Marco Polo reported that Kublai Khan had over 10,000 dogs and 10,000 attendants whose sole job was to attend to the dogs day and night.

  • The Chinese Emperor Ling Ti (156 – 189 AD) gave his dogs royal status. They were given titles like “Viceroy” or “Imperial Guards”. Wet nurses were assigned to nurse them, and they were guarded by eunuchs.

  • The fifth Shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (1646-1709) was obsessed with dogs. A monk told him he had been a dog in a former life, and he was born in the Year of the Dog.He declared that anyone who hurt a dog would get the death penalty. He made everyone address dogs using honorific titles. His government housed and cared for 50,000 dogs, and they were all fed a special diet of rice and fish.

  • King Eystein, the King of Norway from 1004-1123, made his dog named Suening the king for three years. Suening signed royal decrees with his paw prints.

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